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As I was sitting at home thinking about how well Adolfo’s mange dogs are doing, a truck pulled up to our gate and started honking like crazy. It was Adolfo and his friend. The friends dog was attacked by a jaguar last night and they didn’t know what to do. Since we are 6 hour round trip from an ER vet they came here. I am used to people coming to ask for help with ticks, mange and parasites… “my dog is sick and not eating” etc but I am not equipped to deal with this. And the idea that the only option for these guys was to come here made me cry. I cried out of sheer frustration but mostly out of sorrow for all the dogs on this coast that literally suffer and die alone. I grabbed what meds I thought might help and followed them a half hour down the beach road. When we arrived I found a dog curled up on the sand floor of a fishing shack frozen in fear or pain or both. The feeling of being completely helpless was overwhelming. In the US we take our dogs to the vet for anything and everything and today I was trying to save a dog who was attacked by a jaguar. It didn’t even make sense that this could be real. Apparently all of the mans dogs sleep inside at night but last night “Shaggy” went out to go to the bathroom. A second later the man heard his dog screaming as the cat attacked him. Luckily he was able to scare it off. Shaggy has puncture wounds on his neck, ear and testicles. His neck is very swollen and his breathing is shallow. I tried to wash the wounds as best I could with water from a bucket, gave pain meds, anti inflammatory meds and antibiotics. We all just sat looking at Shaggy with sadness in our hearts. I left hoping upon hope that the meds will keep him from getting an infection that will kill him. Luckily when I got home my frienNancy Sabatat (a human doctor) who lives not too far away was able to go and give some steroids for the swelling. I will check on him tomorrow. Tonight I will think good thoughts and ask the universe to have mercy on this sweet gentle soul.

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