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A nice couple who lives down the beach from me has 2 young dogs – a male mixed breed and a female pit. Last week I offered to bring their pups to the upcoming sterilization clinic in town. They said I could bring the male, but they planned to breed the pit bull because she is a purebred. My heart stopped beating. Immediately I tore back to my house to put a leash on Frank – the starving, skinny pit with the busted leg and face full of scars I had picked up just the day before. I marched back and told my neighbors this is what happens to pit bulls. Frank may have been someone’s pet until the day his owners got tired of him and dumped him on the street. Or maybe someone just bought him to fight him. Or maybe he was born to a stray mom and never had anyone. Whatever his life was, I found him trying to keep cool in a puddle in a hardware store parking lot. All alone in the world. But no matter what I said, I couldn’t convince my neighbors not to breed their dog.

I have been feeling so helpless and sad this week thinking that this sweet girl’s puppies will become a source of income. Every time I look at Frank’s sad eyes and ripped ear, I cry thinking how hard his life must have been. How hard the puppies lives will inevitably be. There are so many homeless here and these people were planning to add more. On purpose. I literally could think of nothing else this week.

Today I got the best news I could ask for. They finally agreed to let me sterilize both pups! I don’t know what changed, but for the moment I have faith in my fellow humans. I know it won’t last long, so tonight I will enjoy this one little victory.

To sponsor surgery ($18 USD) and vaccinations ($10 USD) for these kids and others –

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