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**update** Canelita’s kidneys have shut down. There is nothing left to do. The thing we are trying to hold onto is that in her very last weeks, she was loved. I am so sorry baby girl. We humans all failed you. I can’t bear to think about how many people saw you suffering on the street and did nothing. If there is some place where good dogs go when they die, I know you’ll be there. If not, at least it doesn’t hurt anymore. Rest baby girl. You mattered.

Little Canelita (with the hernia) has not eaten in 2 days. Our rescue partners in Chetumal are taking her back to the specialist tonight. While we have never met this little pup, we have been supporting her care since we first heard about her. She needs to be ok. She deserves to know what happiness is. We will update as we know more.

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