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In the town of Bacalar there are homeless dogs. Everywhere. Literally everywhere. It’s truly shocking how many dogs are in the street. My new friend Gustavo Ramos has been doing spay/neuter campaigns there for many years and also takes in a ton of street dogs and cats. Last month I got to tour his place and meet all his animals. There are about 12 dogs and cats, cats, cats! They are happy, fed & loved. It’s beautiful. They are the lucky ones. The unlucky ones are truly some of the saddest dogs I have ever seen. This weekend we are sponsoring our 3rd campaign with Gustavo and have committed to paying for 25 more animals. That’s 75 street dogs/cats in 3 months! The reason we are able to help is because of YOU our supporters. You make the dream possible. Thank you ❤️
To sponsor a surgery this weekend for $20.
PayPal – [email protected]

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