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Carmen enjoying movie night on the couch with her foster family in Canada ❤️ It takes so much work to save just one dog…. to send one dog out to a better life… vet appointments to check for heartworm & tick diseases, treatment and meds if positive, getting a health certificate to travel, vaccinations, de-worming, back and forth to the vet – the closest is a 2 hour round trip, the specialty vet is a 6 hour round trip. Our day at the rescue starts early (when the dogs decide to wake up, happy sleeping time is over for us). Breakfast for 25+ dogs seems to take forever – everyone is on some kind of med or supplement… cleaning up after a house full of street dogs who love to pee wherever and whenever makes me sometimes question my own sanity. When we are lucky enough to get a dog out to a rescue, the airport is a 500 mile round trip (yes 500 mile round trip

🙂 ) But then I get pics like these. These pics make the chaos of everyday all worth it. Happy life baby girl! You deserve all this and more.
PS – this is not a cry for help… just a little about my day in case anyone thinks I just hang out and pet dogs all day 😜

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