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The good news:

* Dominica – yesterday the surgeon in Chetumal said he thinks he can rebuild her legs/knees, one at a time, so that she can extend them and hopefully walk!

* Cute dog at the water store – let me frontline him and didn’t snap at me (like last time when i was trying to pull ticks out of his ears with my fingers:)

The not so good news:

*Osito – his adoption didn’t work out because he is a big jerk who likes to hurt cats! also he is ehrlichia positive, so we’re treating w/ antibiotics. welcome back buddy!

*Alice – she is very sick with advanced stage heartworm, an acute ehrlichia infection & anemia. she has been vomiting and eating very little. we’ve been treating the ehrlichia and just started to treat her heart. her blood work showed her platelets are “0”. hang in there girl, we’ve got you 🙂

*Adolfo’s dog – last year we treated all of his dogs for mange. I drove by this week and saw a horrible sight – the smallest of his dogs who struggled the most last year is again covered in scabs and sores. I dropped by with a Bravecto – hopefully it starts working soon.

Onward we go… 🙂 xo

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