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We were just contacted by an independent rescuer in Chetumal. She cares for 25 dogs in her home and feeds dogs on the street without the help of any organization. This pup (black & white), a recent rescue, has TVT (transmissible venereal tumor) which left untreated could kill her and ultimately anyone she mates with. It is highly contagious. She is being seen by our partner vet Universum K-9 as we speak. We will never say no to helping an animal in need.

The brown pup is another dog she is caring for. This pic almost killed me. We will support him in any way possible.

At this point my mouth is literally committing to helping dogs I have no way to pay for. We have the support of awesome people, and most donate month after month, but they can’t go on like this forever. If all our followers encourage a few friends to also like our page, we can reach more people, generate more support and help save more dogs.

Together we fight the good fight… xoxo.

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