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**Update** We just received news of our boy. We had heard a suspicion of this when he disappeared but dismissed it as jungle gossip. We just learned some new details and it seems to fit. Baby Mo was shot, killed and dumped in the jungle by some men camping on the beach near our rescue last year. I literally want to die. My baby boy….


“Mochito” nuestro perro fue visto por última vez en nuestro hogar en Sian Ka’an, 50 km al norte de Mahahual. Creemos que fue sustraído de nuestra casa. No estamos molestos, solo lo queremos de vuelta en casa . Podría estar en Mahahual, Limones, Bacalar, Chetumal, en cualquier parte en realidad. Ofrecemos una gran recompensa. No haremos preguntas. Si tiene cualquier información que conduzca a su paradero, por favor envíeme un wasap al +1 908 581 2754

LOST DOG / huge reward

“Mochito” was last seen at our home in the Sian Ka’an, 50 north of Mahahual, in February 2018. We believe he was taken. We are not mad; we just want our boy home. He could be in Mahahual, Limones, Bacalar, Chetumal… anywhere really. We are offering a huge reward. No questions asked. If you have any information that can help, please whatsapp me +1 908 581 2754

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