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Every day we are asked to help. Every day we receive pics of dogs who are injured, abandoned, sick & dying. Just today I received these. The first is of a mother who gave birth in a construction site. Her finder is desperately looking for homes for the babies before the workers start taking them home. Everyone loves puppies, but in a few months they won’t be as cute and they will be put back out on the street. The whole cycle will start again. The black & tan dogs are living outside of a convenience store begging for food. The black pup seems to have a broken paw. There are more dogs than 2 people running a rescue from their house can ever possibly take in. It is literally KILLING US that we don’t have the room or the resources to help these babies.

When we ask for money (constantly I know) for sterilizations, this is what we are fighting against. We try to keep our posts positive because honestly most days that’s how we’re feeling. But lately it just seems like we are fighting against something we can’t win. Today everything in the world feels broken.

Please help us find a home for these sweet souls. They don’t belong on the street.

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