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Thank you to the greatest group of angles on Earth 🌎 Vets in Action Spay Q. Roo for your dedication, skill & love ✂️❤️ My eternal gratitude to Pilar Lozano for organizing & carrying out a 3 day campaign in 3 different locations 🙌 to Ingrid Angelina Lopez & Adriana Arcos Arcos for rock star volunteering and pet sitting, to Dolly Carolina Pérez Robles for letting us live in your house all weekend 🏡 to @Ninive & David for vegan meatballs, chili 🌶 and convincing the men to neuter their males 🙊 to Adasa de Moreset, Ma Guadalupe Ortiz Mendez & Elizabeth Hernandez Muñoz for carrying animals to the campaign and caring for them after 🐶🐶🐶 and to so many who worked behind the scenes whom I have not met. I appreciate you! To Sandra Train who could fundraise in her sleep. To Compassion Sans Borders for the generous grant to help us meet our financial goal 💰 and to our supporters who ALWAYS have our backs! Thank you! From our hearts truly THANK YOU🎈🐾

Almost forgot… total s/n to date: 870 and counting 🙋‍♀️

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