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A few months ago our friend and amazing vet Claus Landero responded to call about a tiny homeless pup who was terribly injured on the street. She rushed to find her, treated her injuries, fostered her and named her Bendita ❤️ A few weeks ago our friend Alyssa Rescues told us she was coming to Cancun for vacation and asked if we had any small dogs who could fit in the cabin of the plane. Bendita!!!! One look at her photo and Alyssa was in love and decided to take her into her rescue. Yesterday Bendita flew to Massachusetts where her adoptive mom was waiting to take her home. She will never live on the street again.

Thanks to our donors we were able to support Bendita’s spay surgery and vaccines. Rescue has so many moving parts and takes so many people working together to save just one dog. Thank you to everyone who helped get this tiny baby off the street and into her forever home 🙋‍♀️🥰

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