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Over the last couple days Nicholas really struggled. Matteo took him to the vet. But his pain couldn’t be managed. Matteo spoiled him with a last meal of chicken nuggets and ice cream and he left this world peacefully tonight.

Nicholas was rescued from the streets by Heather of Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue. He had suffered a horrific injury two months before. He was left without the use of his back legs and dragged himself over concrete tearing up his legs. She got him the vetting he needed and then fostered him.

Nico moved to Playa del Carmen recently to live with Matteo. We hoped that Matteo could work his magic and help Nico walk again. Sadly his body had suffered too much damage to recover.

He didn’t care he couldn’t walk anymore because he knew he would never be abused again. He had dog friends. He had a soft bed to lie on. He was safe. Most importantly, Nicholas knew love until the end.

Thank you to everyone who supported Nicholas and loved him from afar. There will be a bright star shining in the sky tonight.

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Thank you to Pilar Lozano, Ingrid Angelina Lopez & Adriana Arcos Arcos for rushing to find him on the street after we saw the facebook post of a struggling dog. To Medicalvetcenter Hospital De Especialidades Veterinarias for the loving attention and care you provided. To Adasa de Moreset for giving Nico a loving temporary home. To every single person who supported us – your kindness will always be remembered. I believe with my whole heart that he knew how much he was loved ❤️

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