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Several days ago we saw a post about a pup who was left abandoned after his owners moved. Yes they moved out and left him behind. Luckily some awesome ladies in Chetumal took him in and will give him a temporary home. He is bones. We are sponsoring his vet care. Yesterday he was diagnosed with ehrlicia, anemia and dermatitis. He has a fever and worst of all, he has tvt (transmissible venereal tumor). This is highly treatable, but due to a shortage the medication is completely unavailable in Mexico. Vets are struggling to find an alternative. It’s a crisis here. Hopefully with love and good food he will gain strength and the vets will come up with something to treat the tumor. We are here for whatever he needs.

To sponsor Math – PayPal – [email protected] ❤️

Thank you to each and every single person who supports us on this journey. Rescue is heartbreaking, but your kindness reminds us that there is good in the world.

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