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We just made the decision to give Curaçao the best gift we could give him – an end to this world that ignored him. Our vet said that despite the pain meds, he was in agony. I am sitting in my kitchen 3 hours away hysterically crying over a dog I have never met. But I know him. I know all of them. They are all the same. The dog who sleeps wrapped in our arms is the same dog that is dying alone on the street while people look away as they pass. Curaçao deserved love and kindness. He was beautiful. I am so sorry baby boy. We will keep fighting for you and for all those no one wants to see. Sleep my love. You are with the stars now 💔

Thank you Pancitas Felices, Dolly Carolina Pérez Robles, Ingrid Angelina Lopez for your endless love and compassion

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