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Last month we saw a pic of this girl on FB and our hearts broke. We contacted the poster to offer our help. Many wonderful people here spend their lives helping animals, but often they can use help with medical expenses. Canela was rescued from the street and tested positive for heartworm. She lived at the vet for a month, had free roam and the staff loved her. Unfortunately her body was too broken, and she didn’t survive. More than anything I wish that I only had happy news to share, but that isn’t our reality here. Thank you to every single person who stands up with us to keep fighting for these animals. Canela, we are grateful to know you had love in your final month. You had food and shelter and gentle scratches behind your ears. We promise to keep showing up and trying to right the world. You mattered sweet girl. Thank you Esperanza canina y felina for your love of Canela ❤️

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