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Recently our rescue partners saw a sad post on FB. A pit bull had gotten into a fight with a chihuahua on the street. The details are fuzzy, but it seems the chihuahuas owners got their pup to the vet. The pit bull, however, had no one, so the police took her to the city kennel. She is really skinny 🙁 It’s our understanding that the kennel is underfunded and often does not have food. Many times volunteers will supply the dogs with food, so that’s what we did. Thanks Ingrid Angelina Lopez and Adriana Arcos Arcos for always being on top of what needs to be done.

Due to covid-19 and the lack of resources here, we are spending our time just trying to put out small fires everywhere. Keeping dogs and cats fed feels like an impossible task. Thank you to everyone who supports us. You are reason we can do this.

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