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Today as we were walking into the immigration office we saw a little dog sleeping in the parking lot. Obviously we turned and went straight to check on her instead of going inside. A nice lady who works there told us she has been feeding her because she has no home. We felt somewhat ok because this is how so many dogs here live. We can’t take them all. Until the pup got up to walk… her leg is literally hanging like a dead limb. It’s twisted and must be insanely painful for her. The woman told us she was hit by a car last week. Well 6 hours later she is home with us. We will get her to a specialist as soon as we possibly can. She is now hanging out with Taco who also gets by on 3 legs.

Please consider adopting one of the gentle souls here at the rescue. They have been through so much and deserve a family of their own. We can fly to the US or Canada too.

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