A story of love

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A story of love (and confusion) but mostly love ❤️
A few weeks ago we saw a dog on the side of the road late at night. With no houses around for miles we turned around to see if we could catch him but he disappeared into the trees. I posted on our town fb page asking for help finding him. The next day a slightly panicked Sara Edwards arrived here with a dog she found at that spot. A different dog. He had some string around his neck which could have been a makeshift collar. After 2 days here at the rescue we both decided we should take him back to see if owners could be found. Maybe he wandered off. All we could picture was some family missing their dog and kids crying wondering where he was. Sara and our friend Pauline Heasman decided to drive out to the spot and search for his owners. The few people they could find all said the pup was a stray. He had been hanging around the bus stop for a while 😞. He belonged to no one. Clearly the girls were not going to leave him there to starve. Sara took him home for the night while we figured out what to do. “Coco” is now living in a house with his foster mom Norma Pancorbo, being fed and absolutely adored probably for the first time in his life. What started as spotting a random dog on the road (albeit a different dog) turned into an incredible recuse by my beautiful friend Sara who just happened to see a dog alone at a bus stop. It rained here nonstop for 5 days this week. To imagine this poor baby all alone desperately searching for somewhere dry to curl up breaks my heart. Sometimes rescue is being in the right place at the right time. How incredible that this all came together. What a gift we all share to have the opportunity to change our little corner of the world

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