Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya Mexico is a small rescue & sanctuary in a remote part of Mexico.  Our mission is to help the homeless, abandoned, sick and abused dogs in our area.  There are no shelters and very few services for animals here.  Dogs are born on the street to suffer and die alone.  We are trying with all our heart and soul to change that.

My husband and I moved to Costa Maya Mexico a few years ago.  We didn’t know we would start a rescue, but when we saw the sad reality that street and beach dogs face, we knew we had to help.  There was just no other way to sleep at night.

Since 2016 we have been taking dogs into our home.  Lots and lots of dogs! After we spay/neuter, vaccinate & treat any illnesses, we find permanent, loving homes in Mexico, the US and Canada.   The most time-consuming thing for us is usually working to build their trust and faith in humans. Homeless dogs here are considered by most to be pests, and many treat them with little to no kindness and sometimes outright cruelty.  It is heartbreaking to see a dog cower in fear. It tells a very sad story.

We are not physically set up as a rescue or shelter.  We have a house with dogs occupying nearly every corner.  There are usually 20-30 strays living with us. We have dogs in our living room, in our bathroom and in our bedroom.  Our balcony and shower often serve as quarantine areas. It’s pure chaos and absolute bliss.

At the core of our rescue is the belief that spaying and neutering is the best way to make real and lasting change.  When possible, we sponsor low cost and/or free spay & neuter campaigns. As our rescue is 2.5 hours from the nearest vet who can provide surgeries, we work with a wonderfully compassionate vet who travels to us.  It is not uncommon for our dining room table to be used as operating table. We make it work anyway we can.

The need here is so great, and this is just our beginning.  We have big hopes and big dreams. These dogs deserve every bit of love and kindness we have.  Together we can change their world.

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Heather Johnson

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We believe all dogs deserve to live with dignity.