Almost a year ago we rescued Canelo from the street. You may remember the heartbreaking video. He was limping across a street with a badly broken front leg. He looked desperate and confused. Someone shared a video and we happened to see it. Cars and people just passed him by like he wasn’t suffering in front of their eyes. Our partners Ingrid and Adriana rushed him to our vet. We couldn’t save the leg, but we did save him! This handsome old man of 7 years has been living a good life in doggy daycare all this time. Today he checked into the hospital for heartworm treatment. Unfortunately no one is lining up to adopt a heartworm positive, senior tri-pod who can be quite a curmudgeon 😿 He is looking for a sponsor to cover his treatment ($50) and another month at the doggy hotel ($125) – PayPal – [email protected] ♥️ Canelo and I thank you 😊

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