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Benito was found by our dear friend Claus Landero on the road to Xcalak. For those not from here, the road to Xcalak is about 30 miles of rural road connecting two small towns. This gorgeous 8 month old baby was standing alone on the road – in quite literally the middle of nowhere. When Claudia stopped to check on him, he ran into her arms crying. This gorgeous puppy is now at our vet now awaiting surgery for a fractured femur (likely hit by a car). He also has a fractured hip, but that has mostly healed on it’s own. We will do whatever it takes to help him.

The process for us agreeing to support an animal goes like this: feel sad for animal, check bank account, feel sad for bank account, say yes to helping, have small panic attack because we are already helping so many animals, decide that the universe will provide. Also we couldn’t live w/ ourselves if we said no. Repeat. xoxo.

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