Blanquita is a street dog who was hit by a taxi on March 12.

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The driver kept going like he hit a bag of garbage. Outraged neighbors took a pic of his license plate and posted on social media. Nothing happened to him. Lucky the post got our attention, and Blanquita has been in our care since. She has nerve damage on her hind leg from the accident but it is slowly healing.

Blanquita also has a transmissible venereal tumor which is fatal if left untreated. Unfortunately after spending 38 days in the hospital and receiving 6 sessions of chemo, the tumor has not changed much. It appears to be resistant, so we are changing the treatment.

Earlier this week Blanquita stopped tolerating life at the vet and began trying to escape. She is now at the doggy hotel, quarantined from the other dogs, but with enough space to enjoy herself. We don’t know what her future holds, but we want to give her a chance. If it becomes clear we are trying in vain, she will let us know.

Her recent vet bill is $325 usd, new chemo is $75, quality food and vitamins in preparation for new stronger chemo is approx $50. While that seems like a lot of money to spend on one dog, I don’t know how to look in her eyes and tell her she isn’t worth it.

If you’d like to help her – PayPal – [email protected]

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