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Miss Blancanieves (snow white) is all business with her Valentine’s Day bow (no it most certainly is not the same ribbon we used for Xmas pics 🤫). She and all her friends wanted me to send a heartfelt thank you for helping with food expenses. We all appreciate it so very much ❤️

This valentines day keep a dog in kibble 😜paypal –

Posted by Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Meet Rudi 💙

This little monkey was found lying on the side of the road by our partner rescue in a city 3 hours from us. He was skin and bones with intestinal worms, mange, could not walk, was heart worm positive and even had pebbles in his stomach (he ate them because he was starving and had nothing else). They thought the vet would have no choice but to put him to sleep, but Rudi wanted to fight. And he did! He has been with a foster for several months, but she can not keep him. We decided this little man has fought too hard to have an uncertain future, so we are taking him into our rescue. We can’t wait to meet him (and hug him and kiss him and spoil him). xoxo.

We were just asked to help this poor dear girl living on the street. On the way to our vet now. She is in heat and has male dogs following her all over. I will update when I know more 🙏 😢

Posted by Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Goodbye Baby Caldo. Your little body just wasn’t strong enough for this world. You have taken our hearts with you and there are no tears left here to cry. Rest easy little one. You were loved beyond measure.

Fly free sweet boy… you were loved. Our beautiful neighbor-dog, Canelo, has left this life. He was one of the two that I took when his owner went out of town. We agreed he could take his dogs back if he properly cared for them. He did. I saw them every couple of days and they were great. A few days ago I learned that Canelo dug out of his sleeping area in the middle of the night and was killed by a jaguar. We are beyond heartbroken as is his owner. He was a beautiful, happy pup. Run free my love… until we meet again.

Little Canelita has been seen by our vet. It seems she has been dragging around a huge hernia with her little tiny body. Her intestines are inside the hernia, so the doctor will have to operate to put the intestines where they belong and then remove the skin from the hernia. Today they did blood tests and an ultrasound. Tomorrow we will have the results and talk about the next step. For the time being she went back to stay with the person who feeds her on the street. We would LOVE to take this tiny girl into our rescue, but we are out of space. We desperately need fosters in the Mahahaul area. Please if you can open your home to this little baby for just a few months, it could save her life. Right now we are committed to paying for her vet visits, surgery and whatever else she needs. I will update when her test results come back.

We just learned about this poor girl living on the street with a giant tumor on her belly. She is being sent to our vet ASAP. I don’t have much info right now other than she is living on the street and that a local man is feeding her. I will update as I have news 🙏

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