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Puppy Arenita was adopted!!! A short time ago this baby girl was all alone and badly injured on the street. We are eternally grateful to our supporters. Because of you, we were able to help pay some of Arenita’s vet bills. Thank you Ingrid Angelina Lopez for rescuing this gorgeous girl and loving her until she found her forever.

Earlier today, with broken hearts, we decided to give Henry the gift of peace. His little body was too tired to keep going. Each day he deteriorated a little bit more and today he seemed to be really suffering. He deserved to leave this world with some dignity. I held him close and cried into his fur while I told him how much I loved him. I can’t even bear to walk upstairs to move his bed which was right next to ours. This is one of the first pics I took of him on the day I brought him home two months ago to the day. He will live in our hearts forever ❤️

The spay campaign is almost over. I am helping drop off dogs back to their “owners”. In this dogs case, owners are people who feed her sometimes but not all the time. We went to their house and they weren’t home. I took it as a sign that I should keep her. Well that and my friend Alonzo literally begged me to keep her. So please welcome Alice to the rescue. You will be safe and loved sweet girl.

Our baby Cabito is getting the absolute best care possible in Ohio. But it's so expensive. Our friends at Ruff House…

Posted by Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue on Friday, April 12, 2019

I am so happy I’m crying!! Rudy, our boy with neurological damage, just picked up a toy from the floor and went outside to play on the patio. He is being a regular dog 🥰 It is so incredible to see him play. He has come a very long way since last year when his rescuers found him practically lifeless on the street. We love you Rudy and we think your challenges make you even more beautiful.

Thank to new friends!

A world of thanks to our new friends Sarah Kim and Evelyn Kim for helping Valentino and Baby Angel get to NYC. You have changed the world for these two kids ❤️🐾❤️
We are always in need of volunteers to escort pups to the US and Canada. It’s easy, free and it saves lives. If you are flying from Cancun and want to help a dog get to their new family, send me a message


Remember Arenita the little puppy with the horrible cut on her leg? (I’m not re-posting the pic bcz it was really hard to look at). Her leg is healing a little more each day and she’s getting so big! Her rescuer loves her and is really bummed that she found an adopter 🥰 Arenita is alive because of my friend Ingrid Angelina Lopez. We are simply helping with some vet bills. Thank you to everyone who supports us. We couldn’t do this without you! xo.

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