Costa Maya, Mexico [email protected]

At a friends village deworming pups and giving out food and medicine.

All puppies at the rescue have giardia… poor babies. Our vet thinks it’s responsible for the two puppy deaths last month. Please keep us in your thoughts…


Taco was found in a village all alone begging for scraps of food. He was terrified of people and cowered under a car when I approached him. Luckily I keep snacks in my bag. He reluctantly ate some granola bar and then darted back under the car. It was heartbreaking to watch. After asking around I was told he belonged no one. I couldn’t leave him there. He now lives at the rescue and has a best dog friend Mojo. He is healthy (except for the mange we are still treating) and really, really happy! Taco you will never be hungry or alone again. To donate to his care – PayPal – [email protected]

Sweet dreams…

Sweet dreams…


Remembering the sweetest little girl ever… run free in heaven.


My heart broke into a million pieces when I found Milo hiding in an unfinished building on our property. It was the first time I had seen a dog so covered with mange close up. His skin was bleeding all over. He must have been in absolute agony. We spent the next few months giving him injections, nutrition supplements and lots of good food. Today he is a healthy, handsome man.

There are hundreds more here just like Milo. They need help. To donate toward their care – PayPal – [email protected]


Pinto this rescue started with you. I promise to honor your memory sweet boy. Xo.

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