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Lizard friend…

dear lizard friend who almost scared me into the well just now. sorry about my screams. i did not expect to see you 5 inches from my face. also thank you for tolerating this behavior each morning because I somehow refuse to remember you live there. sincerely, expat trying to adjust to jungle life.

Our hockey bag full of dog goodies arrived today!!! We have leashes, collars, meds, vitamins and toys for days! The sterilization campaign is this weekend, so we’ll be sharing the wealth with dogs less fortunate. What good is stuff if you don’t give it away? Except for some of the toys… the kids here have claimed most of the toys already 😺 Thank you to Sandra Train and to everyone who donated to us. We appreciate it more than you know. And the puppies are almost as happy as we are 🐾

Tomorrow Valentino and Angel leave for New York to start their new lives!!! The husband has mentioned that it is not necessary for me to pick up two new dogs in the time it takes him to drive to the airport and back. We’ll see 🤷‍♀️


Henry is on his way home from the hospital!!! The heartworm treatment was almost too much for kidneys to handle, but they have stabilized him. I’m going to meet my friend who picked him up at the hospital. Will update later.. right now I just want to kiss his sweet puppy face and tuck him into his bed:)

Cabito update

Baby Cabito update. Our boy is with our partner rescue in Ohio in the ER fighting for his life. He is getting the best care possible. Unfortunately they have no answers just yet and would like to do more tests, but that comes at great cost. Right now they are tying to make him comfortable. If you would like to make a donation they would appreciate it so much 😥

Desperately searching for partner rescues in the US and Canada to take Mexican dogs

Posted by Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue on Monday, April 8, 2019

Lucy girl

Our girl Lucy living the dream in Massachusetts.
It takes a literal sh*t ton of work to save just one dog… but it’s so worth it. Especially when we wake up to a pic like this

🙂 Thanks Tricia Nelson xoxo

Happy Sunday!!!

Our girl Cariba now Luna with her new family in the US. We are honored to have been a part of your journey sweet girl. Thanks Michelle Oakes for powering through thousands of miles to get her home and to Andrea Cummings for giving Luna the life she so deserves. Thank you Ingrid Angelina Lopez for saving her from the street and being her angel. I could not have ever imagined this story would have such a happy ending. (now if I can stop sobbing long enough to feed the dogs…)

Dear animal lovers everywhere 😊 we are co-hosting a huge sterilization campaign in Mahahual April 13-14. Please help…

Posted by Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue on Saturday, April 6, 2019
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