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Spay, neuter, change the world!!!

Spay, neuter, change the world!! We are thrilled that Dra. Jeanette is doing another campaign in mahahual. $25 will cover the cost of one dog or cat. Street dogs have no families to pay for them. We need help. Come on…. you know you wanna donate 😉 xo.

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*to those who already donated to our last clinic, the money will be used on this one

The Most Incredible Vet Team!!!

We have the most incredible vet team!!!Jeanette Basteri Roman and Génesis Del Ángel I still can’t believe you drove 4 hours to meet me so I didn’t have to haul 12 dogs to your office. And I love that we set up a mobile clinic under a tree at a gas station! Vaccinations and blood work get us one step closer to getting these pups adopted. I am forever grateful for your friendship and dedication. I couldn’t do this without you. Xo.

Pablo Thanks

Pablo thanks everyone for the well wishes…. we are doing everything we can so that one day he will be able to run and play just like all his friends. Xo.

Spay Neuter Clinic Postponed

Our spay neuter clinic scheduled for this weekend has been postponed. We are happy though because we are partnering with a larger campaign in Mahahual March 10-11… more dogs to help!!! We are still desperately seeking donations… no amount is too small. Details to follow.

Here are some pics I took driving through a rural village this week. They are why we do what we do.

paypal – [email protected]

thanks for reading!

It’s been 5 days and I don’t think you’re coming home. I don’t have any tears left to cry and it seems nothing I can do will bring you back. You were the little lost baby who showed up in my yard and less than a year later you disappeared without a trace. I’m sorry I didn’t keep you safe. Please forgive me. I’ll never stop searching. I love you my sweet boy.

Baby Mo….

Please come home Baby Mo…. please! It’s been 24 hours… I don’t know if someone or something hurt you… we keep looking but there is no trace of you and our hearts are dying

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