**Nina update**

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Our sweet little wheelchair pup had spinal surgery today. Her foster dad, Adam, was incredibly diligent about her physical therapy, but it was clear she wasn’t making any progress. We took her to an orthopedic specialist and he concluded that her spinal cord was severely damaged with a fracture of the thoracic vertebrae. The surgery decompressed the area to free the spinal cord in hopes that she will walk again.

It is unclear if she will eventually walk, but without the surgery she would 100% not be able to. She will be in the hospital recovering for a few days. Please send her all your good thoughts. She is perfection ❤️

Thank you to Sue & Joe for driving this little monkey to surgery for us.

**The Chetumal 10**

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So much has changed in just 12 days. The pups now have: a tarp for rain/sun, houses to sleep in, rocks instead of mud, collars, bowls and food! All have been dewormed/flea/tick and each got a bath 🧼 Right now we are focusing on fattening them up a bit and getting them healthy.

Our partners Ingrid and Adriana have been working really hard on this. We are grateful.

We still have a long way to go until they can be adopted (vaccines, s/n, etc.). For now they are so happy to have full bellies, be free of parasites and have a clean place to live.

Thank you to everyone who donated toward these pups ❤️

Another tiny family is part of the solution 🤎

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It seems puppies are falling out of the sky lately. We recently saw these 3 for adoption on Facebook. Since we can’t possibly take them all, we can try to prevent them from making more homeless puppies.

With the enormous help of HAPPY DOGGY we are working to intervene and get the pups spayed & neutered before they are adopted. We are working on several cases like this (mama dogs too).

Thank you from my heart to everyone who helps us. Little by little… 🙌