Baby Mo….

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Please come home Baby Mo…. please! It’s been 24 hours… I don’t know if someone or something hurt you… we keep looking but there is no trace of you and our hearts are dying

Spay/Neuter Campaign

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**a generous donor has offered to match contributions up to $200**

Sweet Guetti, this spay/neuter campaign is dedicated to you and to all the innocent dogs like you who lived and died on the streets. You deserved homes. You deserved to go to bed with a full belly. You deserved familes and love and playtime. You deserved vet care when mange ate your skin and cars broke your bodies. I cry every day thinking about how many of you there were and how many are still out there. I can’t change this, but I can help prevent thousands more like you from being born into the same lonely world. You mattered. You all mattered. Rest in peace sweet angels, it doesn’t hurt anymore…

We need your help… we can’t do this alone. It’s too big. Please donate – $20 usd will spay/neuter one animal – we don’t turn anyone away. if they can’t pay, we pay for them. xo.

Paypal – [email protected]

Sweet Sweet Guetti

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My sweet sweet Guetti…. play in heaven… do all the things you never got to do here on this earth… I hope you have a comfy place to lay your head and someone scratching your tummy. To the man driving the van that sped up to hit her, I hope you never have a moment of peace for the rest of your days.

I love you baby girl. I’ll see you again…

Miss Ruby

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Imagine living with an “owner” who neglects you and your babies so much that a man walking to work notices that you and your babies are starving so he feeds you every day on his way to work. That is how Miss Ruby survived before we took her and her 2 pups in. Despite what her life was she is now happy and just wants to play. She has put the past where it belongs. We could all take a lesson from Ruby. This gorgeous girl is looking for forever. We hope she finds it.

Little Pluto

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Little man Pluto needs a family. He is such a lover and gives great big kisses. Hanging out on his persons lap is how he would spend all day every day if he could. Seriously this guy is just love 💕 It’s hard to believe he was living alone on the street begging for scraps when a shop owner took pity on him. We are eternally grateful for that man’s kindness. If not for him, he surely would not be alive today. The last pic is the day we picked him up. Even with horribly matted fur and open sores he was still all smiles. He is gentle and sensitive and fits in anywhere. He is happy to run and play on the beach with dogs 3 times his size or fall asleep on his back while getting a nail trim. Life at the rescue is good for sure, but Pluto would love a family of his very own.


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Mariposa (butterfly in English) amazes me every single day. This young mama was rescued from a group of fishermen who threatened to drown her. She was a stray desperate to feed her babies. No doubt attracted to the smell of food cooking on a fire, she wandered into the area where some fishermen were camping on the beach. At first they fed her. When they tired of her, they told us that if we didn’t take her and her “female” puppies (they would not give up the male puppies – we begged), they would tie her up and throw her into the ocean. When she got here last month she was a feral animal. She would not let me anywhere near her. If I touched her she would scream and crouch down. She would only come near me at meal time and nothing more. Just one month later, she let’s me sit her on my lap and take 50 selfies of us until I get some good shots!! More and more she craves my attention. It’s so beautiful to see how the simple act of being kind can change a life. She’s a ham and a lover! Oh and a really good mama to her 3 little pups! Please consider making her part of your family. She deserves to be spoiled every day of her life. xo.

Miss Guetti

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Miss Guetti spaghetti needs a family…. she’s not getting any younger. Sweet baby girl was a skinny homeless lady surviving on the kindness of strangers. Her life was hard but she’s on the upswing now. She is safe with us but seems a little lost. There is a sorrow about her. We give her all we can but what she really needs is a family dedicated to her. She would love to curl up on your couch, watch movies and cuddle. If you have room in your heart and home please message us.
We can ship to the US and Canada too.