Handsome fellow

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Just met this handsome pup hanging out in front of the water store. I asked the man who feeds him if I could frontline him. He said yes and asked if i wanted to take him home. If anyone is looking for an amazingly sweet boy pls let me know. I’m in love!

Spay neuter clinic success!

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Our first spay neuter clinic was a success. Twelve more dogs and puppies will now help break the cycle of overpopulation, homelessness and neglect. A great big thank you to our friends who donated. Without your support none of this would be possible. Also thank you to Dr. Jeanette and Genesis. Your passion for helping the homeless is truly inspiring, and I am honored to call you my friends. Love to all… xoxoxo

New additions to our rescue ❤

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Today we found two tiny little puppies in our yard. They were hiding under bushes paralyzed with fear. It took hours to get them out. Once we did they ate and drank water like they’ve never had either before. We have no neighbors for a mile in any direction so they couldn’t possibly have wandered off. All I can think is someone dumped them off here. They have full tummies and are tucked in for the night. We love them already.

If you’d like to help with their care – PayPal [email protected].


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Siesta 😴
Gina used to live on the beach begging for scraps of food. Before she came here she had at least one litter of puppies that we know of (4 of the 5 pups died). Poor girl couldn’t feed herself much less her babies. She is now spayed, loved and happy.

Little Miss Nala

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Little Miss Nala (pee pot) has come a long way since her rescue. My good friend and fellow animal lover, Debbie, was feeding Nala and her siblings after their mother was killed by a car. Debbie begged the “owners” to let her take the puppies to our rescue. Eventually they let her take Nala since she was in the worst shape. When she got here she was only bones and ticks with a belly full of worms. Today she is healthy, brave and a whole lotta attitude.

To help us feed more dogs like Nala please donate – PayPal [email protected]

Vet Visit

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Two trips in 2 days to the vet. 3 dogs. 12 hours in the car. Mojo was treated for heartworm. Gina and Taco being treated for ehrlichiosis. Taco will start heartworm treatment next month. Love these guys so much. After the start they had in life, they deserve so much. If you’d like to help with their vet bills – PayPal – [email protected]