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Earlier today someone posted the first pic. A homeless dog slept curled up in front of a bank. No one helped. People literally stepped over him to enter the building.

Shortly after we reached out to our rescue partner, this little man is on his way to our vet. We are grateful to be able to sponsor his vet care.

Thank you Pancitas Felices for being you. And for bribing the dog with 5 empanadas to be your friend.

Stay tuned… 🤞

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Something new I have been doing lately is combing fb pages of people who are giving up puppies in adoption. In this case a woman found a mama and 9 babies in the rain. She took them in, made a house and was looking for adopters for the babies (when they are done nursing).

I messaged the finder to ask her to keep the puppies until they can be spayed/neutered at 3 months of age (at my cost). In exchange I pay for the puppies food and any vet care they may need. She agreed.

We have a few of these going on. Every puppy s/n is a huge win!

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I am happy to report that my temp home is pretty awesome. I have a soft blanket for sleeping, yummy food, unlimited clean water and belly rubs. My review can not be five star because the humans insist on giving me medicated bathes, eye drops and gross bits of something called antibiotics. Hopefully management will see this review and take appropriate action.

I am a sweet girl and am looking for a family of my very own ❤️

Yours truly, Amaite