Welcome Bimba ❤️

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Welcome Bimba ❤️ We have been waiting for this girl since the summer. She was saved from the street and cared for at a local rescue for almost a year. Her rescuers have a ton of dogs, and we were asked to take Bimba. She is adorable. Except if you’re another dog and she is eating. Then she stops being adorable. She is 20 pounds of “that’s my food, and I’ll cut you if you even look at me while I’m eating” sassiness. We also donated 2 bags of dog food to Bimba’s rescuers. Happy days! Xoxo

It’s already starting.

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It’s already starting. As businesses shut down and tourists are absent, residents who used to own and/or feed strays are gone 💔 Yesterday our friend Maritxu Feliĉa found this starving pup who seems to have mange. We already donated food and Bravecto. There is a dedicated group of super humans who are making sure no one goes hungry or thirsty. We will help support them with whatever they need. Who knows how long this will last. Thank you Meredith Beaupre, Claus Landero, Rafael Valdez, Jorge Snchz, Sara Edwards, Simone Kiedaisch, Cassie Doneys for your dedication to the animals ❤️

Please help us to keep feeding them – PayPal – [email protected]

This is Daisy.

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This is Daisy. She has had at least 4 liters of babies that we know of. Luckily our friend @Sam lives in her neighborhood and cared enough to take her to be spayed and is caring for her after surgery. She has “owners” but is always wandering the street or hanging at Sam’s house getting a good meal. It’s a very small town, so it’s a tricky situation. But at least Daisy will never be used for breeding again. We are happy to support her surgery, meds and two seresto collars (one for Sam’s dog too). Happy Tuesday 😉

Total s/n to date: 938 and counting…

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We just made the decision to give Curaçao the best gift we could give him – an end to this world that ignored him. Our vet said that despite the pain meds, he was in agony. I am sitting in my kitchen 3 hours away hysterically crying over a dog I have never met. But I know him. I know all of them. They are all the same. The dog who sleeps wrapped in our arms is the same dog that is dying alone on the street while people look away as they pass. Curaçao deserved love and kindness. He was beautiful. I am so sorry baby boy. We will keep fighting for you and for all those no one wants to see. Sleep my love. You are with the stars now 💔

Thank you Pancitas Felices, Dolly Carolina Pérez Robles, Ingrid Angelina Lopez for your endless love and compassion

Welcome Marmaduke/Duke/Duke of Earl/Biggie Smalls (we’re all over the place with this guy).

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Welcome Marmaduke/Duke/Duke of Earl/Biggie Smalls (we’re all over the place with this guy). Whenever there is a s/n campaign we usually come home with a stray or two. Yesterday it was this big gorgeous boy. We are told his “owner” didn’t want him anymore and put him on he street. A neighbor took him in temporarily because he was starving. This is his body after the being helped 😔 We are spending the afternoon pulling off huge, gross ticks. You’re safe now buddy 🥰