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A million thanks to Pilar Lozano for organizing another campaign. Your dedication to animal welfare is inspiring. Thank you to everyone who donated to make this work possible. We sponsored 15 animals yesterday.

Little by little… ❤️

Total S/N to date: 593 and counting…


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So it turns out Negrita is actually Negrito 😬Sorry little man. In my defense I was wiped out yesterday when you showed up. We just gave him a bath. His skin smells like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. But that’s probably nothing compared to how it feels for him. We’ve started antibiotics, prednisone, vitamins and quality food. Some of you may wonder why we don’t rush him to the vet. I would ask the same question. The disadvantage of living in a super remote place is that the vet is a whole days round trip, so we work remotely with a vet to treat dogs here when possible. Hang in there little dude… I will keep the hearty meals coming throughout the day 😎

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**THANK YOU Sue Mercer for matching contributions and THANK YOU to everyone who donated. As always we will use any excess for future campaigns. We are always working to reach dogs & cats who need S/N. LOVE TO YOU ALL**

***A generous donor has offered to match all donations until midnight***

**Sponsors needed** 💪🙌👊

We have committed to support 10 – 15 spay/neuter surgeries tomorrow in Bacalar. It’s chilly here at night. Let’s decrease the number of homeless pups shivering on the street at this time next year.

$17 usd pays for 1 surgery 🙂

PayPal – [email protected]

We are IRS-registered 501(c)(3) public charity (just a reminder) 😇