Thank you for you generosity!

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Because of your generosity, we raised the money to cover our part of the spay neuter campaign! 💃🕺 We just paid our bill of 40,000 pesos / $2119 usd for 100 surgeries! This is the largest number we’ve ever sponsored. So glad we can contribute to making the world better for animals! Thanks for the love ❤️ Happy Day!

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Every day we are asked to help. Every day we receive pics of dogs who are injured, abandoned, sick & dying. Just today I received these. The first is of a mother who gave birth in a construction site. Her finder is desperately looking for homes for the babies before the workers start taking them home. Everyone loves puppies, but in a few months they won’t be as cute and they will be put back out on the street. The whole cycle will start again. The black & tan dogs are living outside of a convenience store begging for food. The black pup seems to have a broken paw. There are more dogs than 2 people running a rescue from their house can ever possibly take in. It is literally KILLING US that we don’t have the room or the resources to help these babies.

When we ask for money (constantly I know) for sterilizations, this is what we are fighting against. We try to keep our posts positive because honestly most days that’s how we’re feeling. But lately it just seems like we are fighting against something we can’t win. Today everything in the world feels broken.

Please help us find a home for these sweet souls. They don’t belong on the street.

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Meet beautiful Wendy. We will be sponsoring chemo for her transmissible venereal tumor. This former street pup is gorgeous and deserves to live a happy, healthy life. We spend donations literally faster than they come in. So many people reach out for help with vet expenses. If we say no, these animals have no other options. There are no government programs to help. There is nothing. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we said no.

My dream is a world where no dog ever has to struggle to survive on the street. Until then we will keep doing what we do.

PS – Miss Wendy needs a family ❤️

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Best. News. Ever!!!!! Last week we put out a plea to help a dog named Forest who was losing his foster home. A family near Mahahual offered to adopt him. Forest is on his way from Cancun to Mahahual as we speak!!!

Always remember, under all the ugly, there is genuine goodness in the world. So many people are involved with saving just one dog. Forest is a lucky boy. When I stop sobbing I will post an update 💛

Our little rescue is growing.

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Our little rescue is growing. It seems that the more work we do, the more we are asked to help. It’s a blessing that we are able to reach so many dogs who would otherwise not survive. Often our hearts are bigger than our wallet, but we just can’t turn our backs on suffering. Thank you for being part of our journey. Every single dollar helps. Truly it does. xoxo

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Sweet Duki has started his journey to health & happiness. He lives with the same family as Wifi, so of course we’re taking Duki into our rescue too. He is being treated for ehrlichia, low-platelets, dermatitis and anemia. When he is more stable we can have him neutered and start him on chemo for the venereal tumor. You’re gonna be okay buddy.. we got you ❤️

We are sponsoring chemo treatment for lots of dogs with transmissible venereal tumors. Street dogs are prone to this highly contagious disease. It breaks our hearts because it is so easily preventable. Spaying and neutering stops not only the cycle of homelessness, it stops the spread of these awful tumors.


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Wifi is on the mend! During his 3 day stay in the hospital, his abscess was drained/removed and he was neutered. At home he managed to open his stitches, so his family brought him back to the vet to close the wound, made him this snazzy cone and secured him so he can’t leave their property. His owners are older and they have a hard time caring for him, so they asked us to take him. We are so excited for him to come into the rescue!! He will start chemo soon for his venereal tumor. Stay tuned…

This is Pia

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This is Pia – Cabito’s sister from a different litter 💛 Crazy I know! We are blown away by all these family members. Little Pia is only 5 months old. She just saw our vet in hopes of getting spayed. Instead we found out she is in heart failure. We are working on a treatment plan and will do everything we can to help her.