Searching for foster

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**update – we found a foster to save this girl’s life**

Mahahual friends – we are desperately searching for foster for this sweet, gentle girl living alone on the street. She is approx 5 months old. She is just a baby all alone in the world. When space opens here at the rescue we can take her. We just took 10 puppies and have no room right now. Fostering is easy. You just let a dog stay with you temporarily…. all you have to do is feed, love and protect them. That’s it! Can someone help for a few months? She needs help. Please.

Mariposa Update

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Our gorgeous girl Mariposa with her foster mom in Ottawa 💛 We took Mariposa in after some fishermen she was living with threatened to drown her and her babies if we didn’t take them. She was terrified of people and it took some time to earn her trust. Rescue is hard… it is physically, emotionally and financially draining. It is all consuming and sometimes there is nothing to do but cry. Mariposa reminds us of what is possible. She reminds us that we can make a difference. Each little victory is incredible and gives us the strength to keep going. We love you Mariposa… always and forever ❤️🐾