Buena noches, Mis amores! It is I, Canela!!!

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We are so lucky to find such awesome homes for our kids. Below is from Canela’s dad, Scott Damm

Buena noches, Mis amores! It is I, Canela!!!

I am so happy to be posting once again. Did you miss me?

My assistant (Dad) has been lazy, just posting this now.Oy!

Wednesday was a very, very special day for me. It was my AdoptaBirthday!!! It has been a year already since my Papa asked if I wanted to stay at the end of the foster month and of course I said ‘YESSSS’! To celebrate, we had empenadas, tacos, churros and cake. Yes, there was cake! Dad got me a new pair of earrings and a matching broach. I like the shiny things! It has been a wonderful year here at Casa Damm. My sister Bella and I are besties while I get to be bossy to my brother Barclay. He’s a big boy at double my weight but I keep him in line, no problem. I call the day my AdoptaBirthday because it is both my adoption anniversary and my birthday because no one knows when the real one is (so I can lie about
my age!). Abeula’s birthday was also the 26th of the month. Here are a few photos for you until I write again. Smooches!!!

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