Busy week for the pups.

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Josie had her 2nd heartworm treatment (and a complete nervous breakdown in the car). She also tested positive for ehrlichia. She was in a lot of pain but is better today. Henry also had his 2nd heartworm treatment and was diagnosed with TVT (a transmissible venereal tumor) and will begin chemo in 2 weeks. He is not doing well at all. The tumor is huge and must be very painful, as he limps when he walks. Mostly he just sleeps. Rudy had an exam and was put under for x-rays of his hind legs. His abnormal gait seems to be a neurological issue – possibly an old infection, illness or accident. There is no easy way to figure it out, so we will monitor him and leave well enough alone for now. Our girl Dominica (drags her back legs) was also put under for a range of motion test and x-rays. We learned that her knee caps are on the sides of her knees preventing her from extending her legs to walk. Our vet is going to speak with some specialists to determine how to proceed (surgery or not). Henry and Dominica are both heartworm positive and will start treatment soon. We are doing everything in our power to get these kids healthy and into their forever homes. They have been through so much and deserve a happy life.

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