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She lived in a sewer on the street until just this afternoon 💔 Right now she is resting comfortably at our vet, and we are waiting for test results to come back. This sweet girl has a transmissible venereal tumor that, based on its size, will require many rounds of chemotherapy. Her name is Quintana for the street on which she was rescued. Please think good thoughts for this girl, as it will be a long road to health. The thought of her living this way is hurting my heart.

Thank you to our partners Adriana Arcos Arcos & Ingrid Angelina Lopez for never passing a suffering animal and for spending your lives caring for the forgotten, and to Pilar Lozano for always offering to transport an animal in need.

We are especially grateful to our friends at Tails of Hope for their generous donation to support medical cases like these. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you ♥️

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