**caution graphic and really sad**

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**caution graphic and really sad**Guillermo was nine months old Guillermo has left this world. He was suffering with not only having been hit by a car, but he had distemper as well. There was no way to help him other than to end his suffering. He is free now and nothing hurts. Sometimes that is the only gift we can give. Guillermo was nine months old. Rest easy sweet boy. This video of Guillermo shows what distemper does to a dog. It is highly contagious and often fatal, especially for dogs on the street with no access to vet care. There are so many stories like this that I don’t post because they are too awful to share. I decided to post this because it is the reality here. When we ask for donations to spay and neuter, it is this that we are trying to prevent. There are simply too many dogs and too few people to care for them. Thank you for reading our post and for sending Guillermo your love. If there is a heaven for dogs, he is in good company. Sleep well sweet boy. You mattered.

Posted by Costa Maya Beach Dog Rescue on Monday, January 27, 2020

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