Happy news friends!

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Happy news friends! There is a sterilization campaign this weekend in Bacalar! We have committed to covering the cost of at least 25 surgeries. Our friends at Perros Olvidados de Bacalar, who have been rescuing for many years, will be bringing their recent rescues as well as dogs/cats from the street and pets from low income situations. We are super thrilled to support them ✊🙌👊Lately we’ve had to humanely euthanize many animals because we didn’t get to them in time 😭 It breaks our hearts to know they were suffering 💔 The only way to end the cycle of birth and death on the street is through spay & neuter programs. Please help us to make the world 🌎 a better place for animals 🐶🐱 $15 usd will cover the cost of one surgery 👨‍⚕️PayPal – [email protected] are a 501(c)(3) non profit in the US


Below are some pics of their recent rescues.

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