Happy Tuesday friends 🐾

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Happy Tuesday friends 🐾

Back in March a gorgeous dog named Paloma was following her dad, don Naum, on his bike and was hit by a car. Paloma’s leg was shattered. Her dad brought her to our friend Norma Pancorbo’s house for help. He knew Norma has an amazing heart and would help his dog. In the months that followed Norma and her partner Jorge took Paloma into their home, brought her back and forth for 2 surgeries in a city 2 hours away and cared for her as their own. Sensing that Paloma could have a better life, don Naum asked Norma to keep his girl.

Paloma was recently adopted by Norma’s family in Spain 🇪🇸 We are so grateful to have played a small role by sponsoring Paloma’s surgeries. Happiest new life sweet girl! Enjoy so many new adventures ♥️

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