Heartworm disease causes a dog’s heart, lungs and blood vessels to quite literally fill up with foot-long worms

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The worms are transmitted by mosquitoes and cause heart failure and lung disease. Without treatment, dogs die a really horrible death. Mexico is hot and humid. For street dogs, there is no escape from mosquitoes. We currently have 13 heartworm positive dogs in our care. Tomorrow Honey checks into the hospital for a series of two very painful injections. Teddy and Kalista recently finished their treatments. The kids are each looking for a sponsor of $60 usd for the meds that are saving their lives ♥️
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If it seems like we’re always asking for help, it’s because we totally are! 😂 As we grow, more people depend on us to help animals that would otherwise die on the street. When I get a message about a dog hit by a car or puppies abandoned in a field, I’m going to help them, even when my bank account tells me I can’t. All rescuers struggle with this. “I’ll just help this last one” is the lie we tell ourselves (and our husbands) because there never will be just one more. But we’ll be here doing the thing that our hearts are telling us to do. Always ♥️

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