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I need your help. Tomorrow I am flying to NY with 5 puppies. The trip will cost $900 +/-. (we spent an equal amount to get 4 dogs to Canada on Friday). We receive donations but always pay more than we take in. A lot more. This trip is the happy ending we worked so hard for. They are going to a rescue in the US because they deserve the best possible life and that is where they will get it. Rescue isn’t taking in dogs, getting them healthy and then sending them back out to live a questionable life. Rescue is doing the hard stuff, the expensive stuff, the exhausting physical labor, the constant worrying, the letting 28 dogs run around and ruin your house/clothes/and what sometimes feels like your life because you will settle for nothing less than a great home for them. It’s about giving them the gift of a better life. That’s what we do. Please help us do it – any amount helps – Paypal [email protected] or

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