Hi new friends. My name is Luna! I am a 3 month old baby who was abandoned on the street. There was no one taking care of me. Luckily a nice lady named Dolly Carolina Pérez Robles shared my pic on FB. She wanted to help me but needed support for my vet care💰. When the lady at Beach Dog Rescue saw me, she knew she had to help, so she asked her peeps to donate money. And they did! Last night I got to see a vet. He gave me medicine to take, and I will get to see him again soon for even more care. I couldn’t stay at his office because there are puppies staying there, and they have a contagious disease called parvo. I sure hope they’ll be ok. My rescuer, Dolly, was able to find a temp home for me. Last night was the very first time I didn’t have to sleep on the street. I am the luckiest pup! Thank you for saving my life. I’ll check in again when I’m feeling better. Xoxo, Luna 💛

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