Introducing Nokahein

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Introducing Nokahein 💙 This little man was living on the street. The saying “living on the street” didn’t really register with me before I moved to Mexico. But it means exactly that. He was literally existing on a sidewalk in a city trying his best to find food, water & shelter while avoiding cars and hurtful humans. A wonderful lady let him into her yard now and then to feed him, but she could not keep him. Luckily she reached out on FB to ask for help.

Nokahein is positive for ehrlicia and heartworm 💔 We are sponsoring his vet care and his stay at doggy daycare. He will never return to the street. Welcome to your new life sweet boy. Thank you Pancitas Felices, Ingrid Angelina Lopez & Adriana Arcos Arcos for the great team work to save yet another pup from life on the street 💛💜💛

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