Life here is on hold.

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Life here is on hold. People are out of work. Our sweet friend Adasa de Moreset never says no to helping dogs and cats. She is responsible for a lot of lives. We are grateful that we can help her during this uncertain time.

Today I was thinking about what we’re doing now versus what we were doing just a few months ago. Prior to CV our focus was adoptions and sterilization campaigns. Neither of those things are really possible right now. Our goal now is simply to get food to animals on the street. Think of how hard it is to be on a diet. Imagine the pain of days without food. That thought keeps me awake at night. My heart hurts because I know so many will never be reached, but we have to keep trying. Every meal a stray eats is a success. And I suppose, especially these days, we should celebrate every victory, no matter how small.

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