Little Pluto

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Little man Pluto needs a family. He is such a lover and gives great big kisses. Hanging out on his persons lap is how he would spend all day every day if he could. Seriously this guy is just love 💕 It’s hard to believe he was living alone on the street begging for scraps when a shop owner took pity on him. We are eternally grateful for that man’s kindness. If not for him, he surely would not be alive today. The last pic is the day we picked him up. Even with horribly matted fur and open sores he was still all smiles. He is gentle and sensitive and fits in anywhere. He is happy to run and play on the beach with dogs 3 times his size or fall asleep on his back while getting a nail trim. Life at the rescue is good for sure, but Pluto would love a family of his very own.

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