Marcelo and Marcela are off ✈️ 🇨🇦 Rescued from starvation on the street over 2 years ago by Vanessa Karina Monforte Gamboa, they waited patiently for a family of their own – which never came. Their mom reached out to us to ask if we could get them to Canada. Today thanks to flight angel, Joseph Lanteigne, the Marcelos caught a flight and will be starting the next part of their journey with our awesome friends at LOYAL Rescue Inc. We are so grateful to everyone who helps us to to help them. And to Sandra Train who remains strangely calm and ever helpful in the face of airline shutdowns. While we only got to spend a month with the pups, we were fortunate that Mr. Marcelo peed on everything we own, so we can remember him always. Happy new life babies!

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