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Mariposa (butterfly in English) amazes me every single day. This young mama was rescued from a group of fishermen who threatened to drown her. She was a stray desperate to feed her babies. No doubt attracted to the smell of food cooking on a fire, she wandered into the area where some fishermen were camping on the beach. At first they fed her. When they tired of her, they told us that if we didn’t take her and her “female” puppies (they would not give up the male puppies – we begged), they would tie her up and throw her into the ocean. When she got here last month she was a feral animal. She would not let me anywhere near her. If I touched her she would scream and crouch down. She would only come near me at meal time and nothing more. Just one month later, she let’s me sit her on my lap and take 50 selfies of us until I get some good shots!! More and more she craves my attention. It’s so beautiful to see how the simple act of being kind can change a life. She’s a ham and a lover! Oh and a really good mama to her 3 little pups! Please consider making her part of your family. She deserves to be spoiled every day of her life. xo.

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