Meet Henry 💚

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Two days ago a really sweet family reached out to ask for help with a dog they met on the beach outside their vacation rental. A shy little pup had a tear in his boy parts and was in excruciating pain. Our friend Dra. Claudia rushed right over to help. She sedated him, stitched him up and left his “owners” with meds and instructions. A few hours later the pup ate through his stitches. Dra. Claudia went back to fix it again. At this point the owners (who live next door) said they’re not interested in helping, he can not sleep inside while he heals and it’s not their dog. The family who messaged me were scheduled to leave first thing in the morning so there was no one to help this little guy. He would be alone on the beach. I tried to remind myself that we already have way too many dogs and our house is literally a shelter with 2 humans fighting for a little bit of space. No amount of reasoning could have kept me from this baby. We are not the kind of people who leave a dog to die. So he’s here and we love him!Of course he ate through his stitches again… so we’re going to the vet tomorrow. We got ya baby boy. You’re safe now. Xoxoxo

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