New Friends Rico and Maddie

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Welcome new friends, Rico and Maddie. These two were living at the entrance to Walmart in Merida. We stopped to say hi. Some people fed them. Some people shooed them away. We told ourselves if they were both there when we came out, we’d take that as a sign. Only one was there when we came out though. I went outside and found the other one curled up in the dirt outside and lured her back in with food. That counts as they were both there I think 🤔 Right? Yeah it totally does. We talked to a wondeful man who brought them a bag of food as we were leaving with them. He told us they have been there for two months, and people were worried that the store would call animal control if customers complained. Also it’s only a matter of time before they start making more homeless puppies. We love them already! They are however terrified of being in the car. We have a 6 hour drive home. So. Much. Fun 🤭

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