Our boy Prince 👑 has left this world.

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This handsome man was living alone in a school yard when we found him last July. His face had been cut open with a machete, and he was covered in purple antiseptic (the security guard at the school tried to treat his wounds). The name Prince just came naturally. He spent weeks in the hospital healing from his injuries and has been living in doggy daycare since. Recently he began to have complications from heartworm. Our vets tried to manage his symptoms, but he began to suffer. Prince got to live an amazing life with good food, a play yard and lots of doggie friends. Thank you to our donors who allowed us to give Prince a worthy life and a compassionate end. Thank you Adriana Arcos Arcos and Ingrid Angelina Lopez for giving him so much love while he was in your care. See you on the other side of the rainbow sweet boy 🌈

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